If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can submit a return or exchange for any number of eligible items within thirty (30) days of purchase if the item(s) is in the original condition and unused. All returned items are subject to inspection prior to processing. Exchange shipping for different colors or sizes is complimentary within the US. We do not provide complimentary returns or exchanges for those outside of the US. Customs duties and taxes are non-refundable through Rad Dad Savage.

Items must be returned in unused condition. By unused we mean unworn (besides initially trying it on), clean but unwashed, and must have sizing tags still attached. You must also send back the packing slip and the original product packaging with the barcode.

Please send us an email at confirming that you sent the item back, and let us know whether you’d like a refund or confirm which size you need to exchange for.


We offer exchanges only if your merch does not fit correctly or the wrong size was ordered. 
All exchanges must be received at the warehouse within 30 days of the date that you received the package according to your tracking information. If you wait until you’ve had the product for 20+ days to initiate the return, it is unlikely that it will be received by us in time to exchange it. 


Your return must be received by us within 30 days of date of delivery as indicated on the tracking number for the original package. 
Please make sure to send the packing slip, as well as the original packaging with the barcode.

Once your return is received and inspected, you will receive an email with a refund notification for the amount for the merchandise. 

Please keep in mind that shipping fees are non-refundable and the cost of the shipping label is the customer’s responsibility. 


We only accept returns or exchanges on everything in store EXCEPT sale items. Sale items and discontinued items and are non-returnable for any reason. 

We will accept your return if it has not been worn, washed, or dirty. If the merchandise is unable to be resold due to smell, stains or pet dander, we will not accept the return (for more information, see below.)

To return or exchange your package, please email the address below to receive physical address to ship. After we received your package, we will either issue a refund (if you’ve already ordered the correct size) or we will send out the correct size. 

Also include in the email, confirmation of your problem and let us know which size you’d like/that you’d like a refund so that we will be watching for your package. 
Be sure to include the original packing slip as well as the original packaging with the barcode.

Please email to receive return shipping address (# must be included): 

Note: Please make sure the packing slip, as well as the original packaging (barcode included) is with your return or it will not be processed.

If the package arrives 30 days after the date that you received the package, we will not be able to exchange it for you. 

Other reasons we will reject an exchange include: 
Products that cannot be resold due to smell (cologne/perfume, essential oils, smoke), Dirty (Pet dander, hair, dirt or stains.) 

We do not accept exchanges or returns on any discontinued or on-sale products. 

If your product fits into any of the categories above, we will issue a refund for the merchandise (shipping is non-refundable) and you will not be able to send back any merchandise back to us in the future. 

We are unable to exchange adult sizes for youth sizes and vice-versa due to the price difference in our books. If you send back merchandise and need to switch from youth to adult or adult to youth, your order will be refunded and you will be asked to place a new order for the correct size. 

We can only exchange products for the product that you purchased. If you request a color change, you will be refunded and asked to place a new order for a different color. 

If you receive the box/package and it has clearly been opened or damaged (crushed, torn/ripped, etc.,) Please take a photo of the package before opening. Check your merchandise for damage. If any piece of merchandise is damaged, please take a photo and send the photo of the merchandise and the photo of the package to

Please keep the damaged merchandise AND the damaged package until you hear back from us. 

If you receive damaged merchandise and the packaging is NOT damaged, please take a photo of the damage and send it to

ALL damage must be reported within 48 hours of the delivery date that’s stated on the tracking information. After 48 hours, we will not replace damaged merchandise. 

If you shipped using Priority Mail, we will be opening a claim. During the investigation, USPS will sometimes ask us to have the customer (you) bring the package and damaged product to your local post office for inspection, so please keep the damaged merchandise and the packaging even after you’ve received a replacement. 

We will issue a refund or replacement at our discretion, considering the monetary amount of the product(s), the destination, and your attitude toward us. Shipping is non-refundable.

If you receive the wrong product or size or a product was missing from your order, please email within 48 hours of the date of delivery as indicated on your tracking information. 

Please include a photo of the packing slip that came with your order, the item’s tag, if the wrong size was received, or a photo of the item if the wrong color or product was received. 

For issue resolution, we require that EVERY article that came with the order be kept until the issue is resolved. This includes the packaging itself, the packing slip, and any clear bags/barcodes that the products come in.

If you are not able to provide any article previously mentioned, we may not be able to resolve the issue.


Unfortunately, we are not able to make any changes for any reason once you submit the order.


We are unfortunately unable to correct or change the address. Instead, you will just have to wait for it to come back to us. 

Once the package is received by us, you will receive a refund for the merchandise only. 

The shipping fees that you paid are non-refundable. 

You will have to wait until you receive the package, mark it as RTS, and give it back to your postal carrier. They will send it back to us at no charge to you. 

Once it is received, we will issue a refund for the merchandise only. Shipping is non-refundable. 

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the item is received then send it back for an exchange.

Please see above, “How do I Return/Exchange a product?”